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CARING Housing Ministries' staff are sought out from all walks of life but come to the company with one common goal: to empower the people we serve. With that foundation, our staff receives rigorous and continuous training in the various human needs, as well as, the regulations and programs involved with affordable housing and those that are specific to families, the elderly, the mobility impaired and the chronically mentally ill.

All our employees participate in both team-building exercises and service excellence programs, which promote camaraderie and excellent customer service. Our human resources, finance and information technology departments within the Front Porch family of companies are also constantly on the forefront of new information and advancements, providing new and more streamlined outlets for information gathering and communication.

Both in-house training programs and outside education ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the most recent developments, while cross-training allows staff to be efficient across the board and supports our platform of promotion from within.