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Partnership Successes
CARING Housing Ministries’ ability to facilitate partnerships between foundations, non-profit organizations and government agencies and like-minded organizations has been critical to its success in creating and nurturing affordable housing communities. Here are a few examples of those successes through partnership.

California Lutheran Homes and Community Services (CLH)
Through its Partnership with CHM, CLH, a non-profit social ministry organization, sponsors several affordable housing communities for seniors in both California and Arizona. CHM brought together several non-profit organizations and government agencies with CLH to create successful federal grants to fund affordable housing that would not have been successful individually on their own. CHM provides seamless services to these communities through pre-development expertise as well as continuing management services.

Homes for Life Foundation
Homes for Life is the successful sponsor of several affordable housing communities, serving more than 100 people with Chronic Mental Illnesses in Southern California. CHM has brought to these grant applications the requirement for an experienced and well-qualified, as well as certified management agent by both federal and state regulatory agencies.

Brookmore Apartment Corporation
Through its partnership with CHM, Brookmore Apartment Corporation in Los Angeles has been able to access tax credits from state and federal government low-income housing tax credit agencies and programs. Brookmore is the managing general partner in four tax credit limited partnerships in which CHM has brought pre-development and management expertise to the table to insure these low-income housing tax credit applications were successful.

CHM Property
St. John's Manor, Glendale, AZ
This community for very-low and low-income elderly residents, is financed with HUD 202 PRAC grants, CDBG funds from the City of Glendale, AZ and rental assistance contracts. St. John's is sponsored by California Lutheran Homes, St. John's Lutheran Church, Glendale, AZ, and Las Salas Corporation. 501 (c) (3)

Some of our other partnership success stories include:

CHM Property
Towne Square, Los Angeles, CA
Very low- to moderate-income families comprise the residents at Towne Square. This community is financed with tax credits and HUD Section 8 rental assistance contracts, and the managing general partner is Brookmore Apartment Corporation.
CHM Property
Garden Villas, North Hollywood, CA
Serving people diagnosed with a chronic mental illness, this very low- and low-income community is financed with HUD 811 grants and rental assistance contracts and sponsored by Homes for Life Foundation. 501 (c) (3)
CHM Property
Emerson Village, Pomona, CA
This community serves an elderly, very low- and low-income population. Emerson Village is financed with CalHFA Housing money and HUD rental assistance Section 8 contracts, and sponsored by Greater Pomona Housing Development Corporation. 501 (c) (3)